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About me

I draw inspiration from the rugged terrain of the countryside, in particular Northumberland and Wales. Low horizons, huge skies and the mystery of woodlands and solitary trees are key features in my paintings and charcoal landscapes. 

Although an canvas lover, my preferred base of wooden board (which I find to be more organic and utilitarian) interacts with the paint - contrasting impasto application with the roughness of the grain and the abrasive action of removing layers with sandpaper which in turn evokes a different sensibility. When it comes to my charcoal drawings, I work to a more analytical, graphic style - creating ‘brooding’ landscapes that balance quietness with frenetic bursts of energy. 

I have also been working on a print series entitled “Secret Voices”, continuing my preoccupation with the landscape as an energy that connects us all via etchings and limited edition digital prints.

Art fairs / group exhibitions

Sales / commission enquiries

If you are interested in a specific piece or commission new work contact me directly or visit my STORE. My work is also available from Artfinder, Saatchi Art, Rise Art.


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